Getting a Full ride Scholarship to Harvard, Princeton or Yale

a Full ride Scholarship to Harvard

Do you dream of going to Ivy League schools, or Getting a Full ride Scholarship to Harvard, Princeton or Yale, but the cost that comes with them ended your dreams? I have good news for you because; a full ride scholarship could make your dream come true. All Ivies and other to schools offer scholarships to students based on need.

The eligibility for getting full ride scholarships to these schools depends on your earnings and assets. They do not offer any merit based scholarships. Besides, you have to be an above average student to make your application to be appealing to the admissions officers of premier US schools.

Full-Ride vs. Full-Tuition Scholarship

There is a big difference between Full-Ride and full tuition scholarships.

What is a full-ride scholarship?

A full-ride scholarship is a type of scholarship offer that covers not only the tuition fees but every other cost of going to college. It also covers expenses such as books, school supplies, room and board and living costs. Any expense that is related to college is covered by a Full-Ride scholarship, making it possible for a student with a small budget and big dream to attend an Ivy League college.

However, a full scholarship may not cover expenses for penalties like coming late to school or illegal car parking. Almost every Ivy College offer full ride scholarships. The federal government and a private source can grant it, but it is usually rare from the private source.

A full ride scholarship can be merit based or need based, even athletic based or art based. However, most of the top tier schools provide only one kind of full ride scholarship, which is a need based scholarship.

What is a full-tuition scholarship?

A full-tuition scholarship is a type of scholarship that covers only the tuition. A full tuition scholarship does not cover other college related costs like books, room and board, travel and the cost of living. It can also come from the federal government or from a private source. It is rare in the case of coming from a private source.

It can also be merit based or need based and some schools may grant merit based full tuition scholarships. There are also schools that offer both merit-based and need-based full tuition scholarships. The interesting part of this is that, despite the fact that a full tuition scholarship does not cover everything like a full ride scholarship, they have common types of scholarships between them.

The major cost of attending any private college is usually the tuition; therefore a full-tuition scholarship still covers a significant amount. The cost of a private college is approximately $75,000 and the tuition is about $50,000, therefore a full-tuition scholarship covers about 2/3 of the total cost.

The Problem with Full-Ride Scholarships

Due to the fact that it covers the entire cost of attending a school, it is usually tempting to apply for.
Having a Full-ride scholarship is like going to college for free but unfortunately it is very uncommon.
However, finding it is easy but sadly getting one is difficult.

How rare are full-ride scholarships?

As I have said earlier, Full-ride scholarships are uncommon. Only about 0.3% of students admitted at a four year college get it to pay for the entire cost of attendance. In addition, a full ride scholarship is very hard to get because according to statistics, there were 16.6million undergraduates students in the US attending college in 2018. Bear it in mind that this number has risen since.

Approximately, only about 49,800 out of the undergraduate students get a full ride scholarship. This is how hard and uncommon it has always been. If you get one, you will experience the full pleasure of getting a full ride scholarship from an Ivy League school.

Furthermore, the amount of a need-based scholarship sometimes differs from income to income and from college to college. To get more current results, I would advise you go onto the school’s financial aid page and use the financial aid calculator they provide.

Steps to Getting a Full-Ride Scholarship

There are different Full-ride scholarships from different sources like the federal government and private source, but some were put in place for certain types of students.

However, at Harvard, Princeton or Yale, they offer only a need-based full ride scholarship. Most of Ivy League school does not give merit-based scholarships, same with many other selective schools in the US, like Caltech, Stanford, and MIT.
But the best part of it is that Ivy League schools provide need-based scholarships, which includes full-ride scholarships for students from low-income families.

In addition, Harvard, on its own admissions page, claims “For families who earn between $65,000 and $150,000, the expected contribution is between zero and ten percent of your annual income.” Apart from not being able to fund the cost of attending an Ivy League school, here are some of the things you need, in order to apply for and get a full-ride scholarship from Harvard, Princeton or Yale:

Important Documents needed for the application for a need-based full-ride scholarship

It is important to submit necessary documents needed for the application for a need-based full-ride scholarship to Princeton, Yale, Harvard or any other Ivy League schools. Failure to provide all the necessary documents you need for your application could jeopardize your chances of getting the aid.

The necessary documents you will need for your application are the CSS profile and FAFSA for financial aid.  Note that requirements may differ from school to school, so make sure that you provide every single document the school you wish to attend to requires.

Some Top Schools That Offer Merit Scholarships

The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago stamps scholarship covers only junior and senior years and doesn’t take care of the entire four years. It covers all expenses and you also receive $20,000 to use for internships and research.

The college also offer scholarships that are neither Full-ride nor full-tuition but covers expenses for research and summer programs. You can check out those scholarships on The University of Chicago’s website.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is one of the only top tier schools that offers full-tuition scholarship based on merit. It has three main scholarships namely the Ingram Scholars Program, the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship, and the Chancellors Scholars program.

These scholarships cover your tuition for all four years, and offer some kind of stipend to use in the summer for an “immersive experience,” as Vanderbilt calls it. In addition, there are other merit-based scholarships (that aren’t necessarily full-tuition) that Vanderbilt offers which include: Carell Family Scholarship, Clarks Scholars Program, Maggie Craig Memorial Program, Curb Leadership Scholarship, and the Fred Russell–Grantland Rice Scholarship.

University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame is also one the universities which offers a stamps scholarship that covers full tuition and fees . The university also gives a $3,000 stipend per year. University of Notre Dame also offers The Hesburgh Yusko Scholars Program that gives $25,000 per year for tuition and plus funds for summer programs. For more detailed info, visit Notre Dame’s website.

University of California – Los Angeles

University of California also offers a Stamps Scholarship that pays for four years of full-tuition, fees, and a $12,000 enrichment fund to use over the course of four years for enriching experiences. This Scholarship is very competitive with only 10 nominees each year, usually five Californian residents and five non-residents.

University of California also offers the University of California Regents Scholarship, University of California Alumni Scholarships, University of California Achievement Scholarship (merit-based and need-based)

Duke University

Duke University has one scholarship that you can get through an application, which is the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. This Scholarship covers all four years of tuition, room & board, fees, etc. (basically a full-ride) and is offered exclusively to Duke and UNC Chapel Hill Students.

Other merit-based scholarships from Duke include:

• A.B. Duke Scholarship (4 year full-ride for all students)
• Alumni Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships (4 year full ride for students with family ties to Duke)
• BN Duke Scholarship Program (4 year full-ride for students from the Carolinas)
• David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program (4 year full ride for FGLI students)
• Karsh International Scholarship (4 year full ride for international students)
• Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (for students in Sub-Saharan Africa)
• Nakayama Public Service Scholars Program (1/2 tuition for senior year)
• Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholars Program (4 year full tuition & room and board for students of African descent)
• Trinity Scholars Program (series of scholarships for specific geographic areas of the Carolinas; amount varies)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill does provide the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program that covers all expenses (basically a full-ride). Due to the fact that the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is a scholarship not given by the university or the federal government, there is a separate application you need to fill out to be considered because it is a private scholarship.

In addition, there is another private scholarship given by Chapel Hill, which is the Morehead-Cain scholarship that also covers your four years at the university. UNC Chapel Hill offers even more scholarships (non-private scholarships) than Duke . According to Chapel Hill, to be considered for these non-private scholarships, you don’t need to fill out any additional applications. Your FAFSA and CSS profile is all you need.

I would suggest you check the specifics of each scholarship, to ascertain the ones that are awarded on the basis of need and merit, some solely based on merit, and some based on targeted merit such as achievements in STEM.

Emory University

This university also offers three scholarship programs under the Emory University Scholar Programs such as: Emory College Woodruff Scholars, Oxford College Woodruff Scholars, and Goizueta Scholars Program.

There are multiple scholarships specific to each of these programs. For instance, the Goizueta Scholars Program offers scholarships exclusively to those who are pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in the Goizueta Business School.


Just Before You Apply for a Full-Ride Scholarship

Your dream of attending an Ivy League school is possible even if you are from a low-income family, as long as you are an above average student. I also provided you with details on how you can get a full-ride scholarship to Harvard, Princeton or Yale.

However, these Ivy League colleges’ admission requirements may differ from school to school. But they require students applying for full-ride scholarships to take the same steps and meet the same prerequisites.

In case you think that you may not get a full-ride scholarship to Harvard, Princeton or Yale because you know you don’t qualify for need-based financial aid. I would recommend you consider going to another school that offers excellent education and offers a number of financial aid programs.