Harvard University Scholarships for International Students – 2022

Harvard University Scholarships


Over the years, Harvard University Scholarships for International Students have helped future leaders and industry captains who otherwise would not have been able to attain their life goals reach the pinnacle of their professions.

Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the country’s oldest higher education institution.
It is one of the world’s best universities.


Harvard is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based private Ivy League university. It consists of ten faculties.

  1. Harvard University Faculties
  2. Undergraduate Harvard College
  3. The Schools of Medicine
  4. Divinity
  5. Law
  6. Dental Medicine
  7. Arts & Science
  8. Business, Extension (Liberal Arts & Professional Courses)
  9. Design, Education, Public Health, Government
  10. Engineering
  11. Applied Sciences.

Harvard offers 50 undergraduate, 134 graduate, and 32 professional degrees through these schools. It has produced eight US presidents, 79 Nobel Prize winners, and many billionaires. International students can apply for the Harvard University scholarships listed below. This will improve your chances of studying at a prominent university in the United States.

  • Scholarships at Princeton University
  • Scholarships at MIT
  • Scholarships at Yale University
  • Scholarships at Stanford University
  • Scholarships at Cornell University
  • Scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania

Harvard University Tuition Fee for International Students

The cost of tuition at Harvard College for undergraduate students is $49,563, excluding other costs such as:

  • A $1,206 health fee is charged to students.
  • $3,922 in student health insurance
  • $11,364 in room rent
  • A $3,109 fee for student services is required.
  • A $7,025 boarding cost is required.
  • A $200 charge for student activities is required.
Tuition for Master’s and Ph.D. students begins at $49,448 for the first two years only.
After that, the third and fourth years will cost $12,858.
Other fees for graduate students include a $3,272 facilities charge, a $300 active file fee, a $1,206 student health plan, and a $3,922 supplemental coverage fee.

Harvard University Application process for international students.

A $75 application fee is required.
Students can pay by US bank check or online through the Common, Coalition, or Universal application systems.
The institution, on the other hand, provides a discount to overseas less fortunate undergraduate students who are on a tight budget or are unable to pay the fees.

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Harvard University’s International Student Admissions Requirements

Interested undergraduate applicants must provide the following documents:

  1. The application form filled out completely
  2. High school records/transcripts, containing a midyear school report, teacher evaluations, and final school reports (translated to English if in the native language).
  3. Test outcomes that are standardized (SAT or ACT)
  4. Proof of English language ability (IELTS or TOEFL)
  5. Documents, articles, photos, and videos are examples of supplementary materials.

Graduate applicants must also submit the following information:

  1. The application form that has been completed
  2. Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent
  3. Records transcription
  4. Test outcomes that are standardized (GRE or GMAT)
  5. recommendation letters
  6. Sample of a statement of purpose (as needed)

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Harvard University Application Procedure for international students

Undergraduate students are obliged to submit the university’s Common, applicable financial paperwork.

For additional information, go to Harvard University’s Apply Page. Graduate students must apply to graduate programs that are appropriate to them.

Harvard is ranked first among all universities in the categories of Life Science and Engineering & Technology. It also comes in second in Clinical & Health Science and fourth in Social Sciences. Physical Science and Arts & Humanities are likewise ranked 5th and 6th, respectively.

Acceptance Rate at Harvard University

According to recent data, Harvard University accepted 2,015 students out of 40,246 applicants. Its acceptance rate is as low as 5%, with overseas students accounting for 11.8 percent of the total.

Does Harvard give full scholarships to international students?

The following is a list of Harvard University’s fully funded scholarships.

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Undergraduate Scholarships at Harvard University

1. Financial Aid

Amount of the scholarship: 100% of demonstrated need. Students can apply for financial help at Harvard University, which covers 100% of a student’s demonstrated need. Harvard chooses qualifying students based on parental contributions and employment, as well as merit-based awards. Grant-based scholarships will supply the remaining monies.

The $150 million endowments granted by alumni Ken Griffin, for example, could completely sustain ARTS teachers and science students.

2 . Awards from the Outside

The amount of the scholarship varies. Outside prizes are generally sponsored by civil organizations, schools, parental employers, and corporations, among others. Because these payments are intended for educational purposes, they are frequently reported to the institution. The monies, however, will make up the overall amount of financial help awarded to the student.

These outside prizes will be utilized to replace term-time job expectations or an equal amount of money provided to Harvard university scholarship recipients.

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Graduate Scholarships at Harvard University

1. Financial Support for Ph.D. Students at Harvard University Graduate Scholarships

Full tuition and a living stipend are included in the scholarship. The graduate school of arts and sciences is one of the departments that provides complete financial assistance to full-time resident doctorate students. For overseas students, the scholarship package includes basic living expenses as well as health insurance for a period of at least five years.

Stipends, traineeships, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships are all part of the package.

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Financial aid is announced to students at the time of enrollment, and it is expected to be reactivated every session because the student’s achievement determines the award period.

2. Teaching Assistant Ships/Research Assistant Ships

Full tuition and a living stipend are included in the scholarship.

Eligibility: Master’s and Ph.D. degrees are acceptable.

Students may be eligible for financing in the form of research assistantships and teaching assistantships in this situation. Research assistantships and teaching assistantships are available to Masters and Ph.D. students. These scholarships provide full tuition as well as a stipend, which will go a long way toward assisting international students in pursuing their goals.

3. Fellowships in the name of Saul Saentz

Half of the tuition is covered by the scholarship.

This award is exclusively available to students interested in pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in early childhood education at a graduate school. Students awarded this Harvard university grant is often chosen based on their work experience – typically 3-5 years, regardless of the nature of their positions.

Recipients of the Saul Saentz scholarship must additionally participate in mentoring or co-curricular activities. Despite the fact that this fellowship is a merit-based grant, applicants who are in desperate need of financial assistance are given priority.

Nationality-based graduate scholarships are also offered.

If you’re interested in learning more about Harvard University scholarships for overseas students, go to the USA Scholarships Page! to make an application