Istanbul University: Tuition fee,courses and admission

istanbul university

Istanbul University, founded in 1453, is a public higher education institution with 20 faculties in Istanbul, Turkey’s capital.

Istanbul University ranking.

Istanbul University is one of the country’s top ten universities, as well as one of the greatest in the world. Its growth over the years has made it a dream higher education institution for scholars all around the world.  The institution is ranked 665 in the world, and its most popular major is “Life Sciences and Medicine,” which is ranked 360.

Istanbul University Tuition expenses and the application process.

Students must complete entrance examinations before being admitted to Istanbul University. Semesters make up the academic year at the school. The university’s bachelor’s program costs between 2,000 and 3,000 USD per year, and their master’s degree costs approximately the same.

The university’s bachelor’s program costs between 2,000 and 3,000 USD per year, and their master’s degree costs approximately the same. More information on their costs may be found on the university’s official website, which can be located HERE.

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The University is a massive fortress of learning, with over 3,000 lecturers and professors and around 83,000 students. Foreign students account for around 5% of all students at Istanbul University.

Infrastructure at Istanbul University.

The library of Istanbul University.
Manuscripts dating from the 15th century in Turkish and other international languages can be found in the Istanbul university library. It has collections of manuscripts written in both the old Ottoman alphabet and the modern Turkish alphabet, which was inspired by the 1928 alphabet revolution.

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Background Information on Istanbul University
With 20 faculties, it was founded in 1453.


The goal statement of Istanbul University is to bridge the gap between East and West, the past and the future, as well as to be the top university in producing competent persons who contribute helpful knowledge to our country and humanity. Istanbul University aspires to be one of the world’s top universities.


Uphold and praise Atatürk’s principles and the Republic’s acquisitions, including participation, environmental and human-rights respect, and absolute adherence to ethical norms.

Istanbul University has a long history of being a leader in higher education, spanning decades and centuries. It has had a guiding and important function in our country’s social and cultural life.

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Istanbul University is Turkey’s oldest higher education institution and the source of teaching faculty for all of the country’s universities today. Many academics who received their education at Istanbul University went on to work as pioneers in other higher education institutions.

The university plays a critical role in the education and development of our country’s scientific workforce. Istanbul University has been bridging the gap between research and life, in addition to its scientific effect. It recognizes its responsibility in preserving Atatürk’s beliefs and reforms. Istanbul University will defend this in all matters relating to public life, making no concessions from its firm stance. Istanbul University is a reflection of Turkey’s scientific and independent past.

Istanbul University is still at the forefront of scientific achievement, as it has been throughout its history. Istanbul University is a premier university that develops useful information for Turkey and the globe, as well as produces competent individuals, by serving as a bridge between East and West, the past and the future.

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The campus of Istanbul University

The citadel of learning has seventeen faculties spread across five sites, with the main campus located on Beyazt Square. The main campus of Istanbul University was first erected by Constantine the Great as the Forum Tauri and was later enlarged by Theodosius the Great as the Forum of Theodosius during the Roman period. The Harbiye Nezareti (Ministry of War) was housed in the main campus building by the Ottoman government.

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Faculties of Istanbul University include:

Medical Faculty
Law Faculty
The Literature Faculty
Science Faculty
Economics Faculty
Pharmacy Faculty
Dentistry Faculty
Management Faculty
Faculty of Political Science
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Marine and Aquatic Sciences
Theology Faculty
The Transportation and Logistics Faculty
Nursing Faculty

Architects Faculty
Open and Distance Learning Faculty

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